your conference companion

Voxxrin is your best tool when attending a conference covered by Voxxrin: you can browse the conference schedule, get details on presentations and speakers, and when a presentation is going on, you can join the virtual room.


Easy Schedule

Get simple and easy access to conference schedule with no clutter


Real Time

You can send feedback on the sessions you're attending in real time.

Get instant access to what others think of the sessions in the conference, and better choose what to do next.

Always with you

You can find Voxxrin on Google Play, Apple App Store and Chrome Web Store new or simply as an offline web app.

google play app store google chrome web store

An iOS version is currently under approval, once approved, we'll provide here the link to the app on the Apple Store.
Until then, you can still use the appv2.voxxr.in website which is available offline : if you paired your twitter account, you will be able to retrieve your personal schedule on iOS app once the app will be approved.


Here is the list of events planned to be covered by Voxxrin

Devoxx ~

Apr 18-20


Voxxrin has been created for Devoxx France 2012, the conference made by developers for developers.

It is currently limited to only a few events, if your favorite conference is not listed here, you can contact us and ask for it.


Need support with the app? Please contact us:



An idea to submit? A conference to suggest? Feel free to contact us: