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Events list

Explore, discover and pin conferences / events you expect to attend

Event schedule

Browse your event schedule and start planning your day

Favorites talks

Easily find talks you want to attend and visualize your daily schedule


Giving feedback to speakers has never been that easy

Discover features
according to your profile

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Pin events

Pinned events represent events you'd like to keep an eye on, usually events you're planning to attend. Ongoing events are showcased, and you can even delve back into past events you liked.

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Event's daily schedules

Get ready for an organized and visually enhanced experience! Talks are grouped by timeslots and talk formats, making it easy to plan your agenda. Plus, we've made sure to highlight overlapping timeslots with a sleek UI marker, so you never miss a beat.

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Mark your favorite talks

Effortlessly plan your talk schedule and create a personalized program with our dedicated favorites screen, designed with a user-friendly interface.

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Rate talks

Once enabled by your conference organizer, you can rate talks by providing feedback to speakers. Only ongoing and past talks are up for evaluation, with various rating options. Plus, you can look back at your past ratings and remember talks you enjoyed.

Watch later

Discover 'Watch Later' feature, available when enabled by your conference organizer. Mark talks for future viewing and get notified once they're available on Youtube. Ideal for those tough choices between favorited talks during a given time slot or for remote attendees planning their watchlist.

Configure Your Conference

Take control and update key features of your conference. Customize room displays, enable feedback, and more. Shape your event the way you want.

Conference Insights Unveiled

Gain access to powerful statistics for your conference. Get daily top-rated talks, overall top-rated talks, daily feedback counts, and overall feedback counts. Discover a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Theme your event

Customize and transform your event's theme with a rich array of options, including three primary colors, logos, backgrounds, and more. Craft an event that perfectly aligns with your conference's branding and vision.

Feedback Insights Unveiled

Unlock valuable insights into your talk's feedback. Dive into your personal user space to explore ratings, feedback bingo statistics, and more.

Voxxrin 3 is offline first

The app has been designed to work while being completely offline.
The only operation needed is to open an event at least once... and all of its talks will be made available while offline. You can even rate and fav/unfav talks while being offline, your actions will then be synchronized in the background once the app will be back online.

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